Playing Viola Through Glass


We’ve already seen a multitude of videos and photos taken by Glass Explorers, most of which are just a look through the device at their everyday lives. We haven’t, however, yet seen the full potential of being able to wear a camera on your head. Today we get a glimpse into what devices like Glass will eventually be able to do, and the best part is that it’s already being done.

Glass Explorer Alexander Chen has uploaded a few #throughglass videos, but one in particular is notably awesome. He plays the viola while wearing Glass. But not only does he play the viola–he records multiple tracks and creates an entire song.

The possibilities with Glass are endless. You no longer need a mount for your camera, because you can use your own head. You no longer need someone to record things for you, because you can just say “Ok Glass, record a video.” But I think the best part is that having Glass is almost like having a camera in your eyes. As a child I always imagined being able to freeze time and just take a picture or video of whatever I’m looking at–and Google Glass seems to come very close to accomplishing that.

Source: YouTube


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