Native Google Glass Development Kit In the Works


According to Timothy Jordan, senior developer advocate for Project Glass, Google is working on a Glass Development Kit (GDK) that will help developers create native applications for Glass.

There’s a handful of things that you might want a different kind of aspect to the platform for. Those can be… when you want your service to work offline. If I get update from The New York Times, I can see them even if I don’t have a connection. But to actually get those updates I needed a connection at that time. Or to do those micro interactions. Well what if I have something like navigations where I want to be able to interact and get an immediate response from Glass? Or what if I want to access hardware feature like the location in real time on Glass? Well for something like that, you need a native API. And that’s something we’re working on right now. It’s called the Glass Development Kit.

Jordan says that the kit is currently in development and that Google is constantly talking with developers to find out what they need to add to make the experience as thorough and easy-to-use as possible. He calls on developers to tell Google what their dreams are for Glass.

Google did not provide any details on when the kit will be available nor if it will even be compatible with the first iteration of Google Glass. As we’ve seen from many of those who currently have Glass, the device sports a rather small battery. Thankfully, Google obviously assumes that we will see better and better battery tech every year and is embracing developers’ yearn for the ability to build native applications for Glass.

Another thing that Jordan touches on is that developers should definitely use Glass when testing their apps.

“The one essential thing you must do is test on Glass. Use Glass in your daily life, add your service and use your service in your daily life and then you’re really going to know what works and what doesn’t,” Jordan says. “Don’t get in the way.”

Funnily enough, Google has not yet even released Glass to the entire 2,000 people  who preordered last year, and we are still relatively far from all of the #ifihadglass winners receiving their device.

If you want to tune in to the talk yourself, be sure to go to the 1:05 mark in the above video.


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