Glass Nest Lets You Use Google Glass to Control Your Nest Thermostat


The $249 Nest thermostat has been gradually gaining popularity since its release, and one of the device’s most enticing features–besides the fact that it’s pretty dang smart–is the ability to control it from a smartphone. In light of Google Glass, many developers are finding many use cases for the wearable that tie it to other products. Glass developer +James Rundquist has taken this idea and made a piece of Glassware for the Nest thermostat called Glass Nest, an elegant app that lets you control the device with your voice.

Glass Nest can control your Nest thermostat a variety of different voice commands, but can only perform three main functions: setting the device to away mode, returning the device from away mode, and changing the target temperature. The commands you can use to activate these functions are listed below.

2013-05-24 11_14_22-Glass Nest

Sadly, at the the time of this writing, the Glassware isn’t welcoming any new users. When it does, though, and if you’re lucky enough to have Google Glass in your possession, installing the Glass Nest Glassware couldn’t be easier.  As with all Glassware, you have to log in with your Google credentials. After this, the app requests your Nest credentials which it encrypts along with the rest of your information. After these quick steps, a card is added to your Google Glass timeline. The card, which looks similar to the above image, has a “reply” option which you can use to vocalize one of the above commands.

While the app isn’t taking any new users at this time, be sure to keep your eye on SelfScreens and the Glass Nest site for status changes.  Furthermore, the app’s source code can be found on GitHub to satisfy any of your mind’s curiosity.

Source: Glass Nest


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