‘GlassFeeds’ Finally Brings RSS News Feeds of All Kinds to Google Glass


With The New York Times being quick to release their own Glassware (one of the first!), many owners of Google Glass have been imagining what it will one day be like to daily consume news on the device. Sadly, The New York Times has been the only publication up to this point to release an app to read news on Glass. No need says +James Betker, developer of the first YouTube-viewing app for Google Glass.


GlassFeeds seems like an obvious solution to a big problem when you consider what it does. Google may be shutting down Reader, but RSS will live on through new apps like this one.

This app allows you to select several news sources which will be periodically used to push news stories directly to your Glass. From there, you can send the stories to Pocket or e-mail to be read later or share them with your friend.

The New York Times proved with their app that reading news is something that you will be doing with Google Glass. GlassFeeds simply allows you to pull news from almost any website, and either (1) read it directly from Glass or (2) push it to read later using Pocket or Email.

Upon activating the app for use with your device, you’ll find a configuration page that asks for a few preferences to get you going. You can pick news from a dropdown of recommended sites, or add your own by pasting in its RSS feed. After that, all you need to do is activate your Pocket account and provide an email and you’re all set!

To get going with GlassFeeds, head over to its AppSpot page and give it permission to access the Google account tied to your device.

Source: James Betker


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