Psyclops is One of the First Standalone Google Glass Games, Lets You Shoot Aliens


Gaming. No matter the platform or device you use, there are most likely games available. Got a Macintosh out of 1999? There are games available for that. Got an iPhone 4S from 2011? There are games available for that. Have a fridge from 2013? There are probably games for that too. It’s a hobby of sorts for game developers, to take devices that were clearly not made for games, and run games on them. That’s not to say that Google Glass isn’t made for games, but this is definitely an area that hasn’t been explored very much yet. Suitably, however, Google Glass Explorer +Sean McCracken has done just that. Say hello to Psyclops Glass, one of the first standalone games for Google Glass.

Below is an embedded video uploaded to Instagram of Sean playing his new game directly through Glass.

To play Psylcops, you actually rotate your body as the app follows your movements. And, on Glass, the game is displayed on top of reality – it feels like a mix between old-school Space Invaders and Missile Command. Below, you’ll find a video of Sean explaining how the game works. He ported it to Kindle so that he could capture it working in real time.

As you rotate your head, just lock on to the aliens for a couple seconds before they’re lasered out of existence.

Google Glass doesn’t yet support games such as this natively – they must be sideloaded much like a standard Android .apk file. But Google has said that the Glass Development Kit (GDK) is on the way, making more and more games like this one possible in the near future.

As for this game, the developer has said in the comments on this Google+ post that he’s willing to send off a download link for the Psyclops APK to those who are Glass explorers.

Send me an email: seantron (at) seantron (dot) com and I’ll send you a link to the APK that was released last night.

If you’re a Glass Explorer and get a chance to try out the game, be sure to stop by in the SelfScreens forums and let us know what it’s like. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Source: Google+


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