Crystal Shopper is a Google Glass Barcode Scanner and Price Checker


Lance Nanek has done a lot of great work for Google Glass, and he recently published a video to YouTube demonstrating his most recent creation: Crystal Shopper. This app, made as part of the recent Breaking Glass Glassware hackathon, allows you to quickly scan barcodes for price comparison, access to Amazon ratings, as well as other useful functions. Check out Lance’s demo in the video below.

After installing Crystal Shopper (and presumably pinning it to the left of your home screen), you can tap the card to bring up a barcode scanner akin to those found in many Android and iOS applications. From there, just lift up a video game, book, or other product to fit its barcode within the box on screen. The app should read the barcode almost instantly and will bring up another card for you to look at.

The card you’re presented with will include a variety of information pulled from Amazon including the product’s highest and lowest prices, its star rating, and a stock photo of the product in question. From this screen there are a variety of head gestures built in; you can tilt your head up to add it to a list of products to view later, or shake your head to get rid of the listing and start over.

Crystal Shopper is yet another Google Glass app that will likely prove much more useful on Glass over any other mobile device. These kinds of apps are cool and useful on our smartphones, but having it available at the flick of a finger will likely make doing these kinds of things in-store just that much more practical.

Want to download Crystal Shopper and try it for yourself? Here’s what Lance has to say regarding how to try his new app:

You can install the welcome card here: and it then has a big get started button to download the native app part of it and a link to some good installation instructions. I’m not sure if the version posted there has a way to access the saved list, but this slightly newer version lets you swipe back to see saved:

Have fun and be sure to stop by the SelfScreens forums.


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