Glass Master Control lets you control Google Glass settings with your voice


Matthew Pierce (find him over on Google+) has been doing a lot of great work in the realm of Google Glass apps lately. Our own Spencer Kleyweg recently covered his “Glass Nevermind” app over at GoogleGlassFans, but Matthew is already at it again with another useful Google Glass utility. His new app, entitled Glass Master Control, lets you control the volume, brightness, radios, and more of your Google Glass with your voice.

I would like to thank everyone who tested the individual pieces of my app. I have now put all of the parts together to finish my overall app. This app is named Glass Master Control.

The app has been getting a rigorous amount of beta testing by the Google Glass community on Google+, with each main section being tested individually. Matthew has now bundled each part together, and has now released the app for the public to use.


The first part of the app is volume control. Using voice commands, you can use any of the following commands to control the volume of your device: 

  • “Audio Up”
  • “Audio Down”
  • “Audio Mute”
  • “Audio Max”
  • “Audio Manual”


Similarly, you can use the app to control the volume of the device using physical controls:

  • Swipe One Finger Right = Volume Up
  • Swipe One Finger Left = Volume Down
  • Swipe Two Fingers Right = Volume Max
  • Swipe Two Fingers Left = Volume Mute



Also, you can use Glass Master Control to set the brightness level of the screen. Here are the voice controls:

  • “Brightness Up”
  • “Brightness Down”
  • “Brightness Minimum”
  • “Brightness Max”
  • “Brightness Manual”


And here are the manual controls:

  • Tap One Finger = Auto Brightness On
  • Swipe One Finger Right = Brightness Up
  • Swipe One Finger Left = Brightness Down
  • Swipe Two Fingers Right = Brightness Max
  • Swipe Two Fingers Left = Brightness Minimum




The last main feature of Glass Master Control is the ability to control the device’s radios. Which radios can you toggle, you may ask? Check out the list below:

  • “Wi-Fi Switch”
  • “Bluetooth Switch”
  • “Switch All”
  • “AutoSync Switch”
  • “Switch All”

Lastly, saying “Glass Status” shows the system status of your device, and swiping right from this screen will show uptime.

Glass Master Control makes many more “power user” settings quickly accessible, and puts them at the front of your experience by allowing you to use voice controls to control them. You can download Glass Master Control right now via +Matthew Pierce‘s Dropbox.

Here are the install instructions courtesy of the developer himself:

1. Download
2. Connect Glass and ensure that adb debug is turned on.
3) Install via adb-> adb install GlassMasterControl.apk

Is this a necessary set of features for Glass? Is this something you might want to see bundled officially in a future software update? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Google+


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