The new ‘Ring’ wearable device-controller is already a smash hit


A new wearable device called “Ring” is taking the web by storm, and its Kickstarter campaign is about to conclude nearing $1 million in crowd funding. The device hopes to change the way we interact with our smartphones, wearable devices, homes and more through its motion tracking technology which can sense index finger movements.


The Ring can do anything from help type a text message on your Pebble or Google Glass to control the dimming of the lights in your home; its slogan is “Shortcut Everything.” Demoed at SXSW and featured in countless big-name publications across the web, this wearable device may be the most promising we’ve seen of its kind so far.

The Ring uses a wide variety of gestures to control its plethora of packaged apps, and the user can customize these to their liking. The team behind Ring, Logbar, Inc., is also launching a developer kit and a “Ring Store” where 3rd-party developers will be able to bring an even bigger amount of functionality to the device.

Check out the Kickstarter video below:

The Ring has passed $800,000 in funding, surpassing its original quarter-million goal by more than three times. The campaign has just 7 days left, so if this is a device you might be interested in owning to add functionality to Google Glass or an upcoming Android Wear smartwatch, be sure to grab it at the Kickstarter price while you can.

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Source: Kickstarter


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